Monday, August 04, 2008

D.C.-Day 1

Wednesday night as I got on Groome to head to the Airport, my thoughts were racing. I was about to set out on my first trip alone. My mind was full of the implications that came with this trip. For the first time in my life, I was acting completely on my own. I was flying to another city and exploring it all alone. For those who know me well, being alone is not something that I do often or well. However, I was more than ready for this. I knew that the time away would be good for me. I knew it would be good for me because my thoughts were not just on the immediate trip, but on the future as well. As an aspiring journalist and photographer, I know that time away from friends and family will be more often than not and that I will be in strange cities and countries on a regular basis.

Wednesday night went off without a hitch. My flight was on time, my luggage was there when I got there, and so was my ride. After dinner and some good catch up time, I went to bed knowing that the next few days would be non stop.

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