Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ok. So, my mom ordered this thyroid test for me to take. In order to take this test, you have to prick your finger and let the blood drip into this little round, tube thing-a-ma-bob. Well, I am convinced that a) the test people wanted me to put all of my blood into that tube thing-a-ma-bob, b) that I don't have as much blood as the rest of the world, and c) that I have now bled out. I pricked my dang finger so many times that the fingers on my left hand are all purple. I am currently typing with one hand. There were two finger-pricker things and I had to use both because I couldn't get enough blood out of my finger to fill up the tube. Then, mom pulled out the sewing needles, the straight pins, and the safety pins. I had to sit there and prick my fingers for an hour and half trying to get enough blood for the test to work. It was ridiculous. So, now I have sore bloody fingers and there was still not enought blood to get the test to work. There's $43 down the toilet.

And for those who do not get the "Buhlud" reference click here.

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KGarv said... have to squeeze them fingers to get the blood out. make them give you what you need.