Saturday, July 28, 2007

Soldier Ministry....

Good times tonight at St. Luke! We had soldier ministry and it was fabulous. I was close to tears several times.
This weekend seemed to last for forever. Ben wasn't home this weekend because of summer finals at Tech and it always seems longer when he isn't here. I do get to see him tomorrow! Yea!!!
I have two weeks off from school and I am thrilled! No class, just the occasional brunch and work everyday at noon. I am looking forward to sleeping in lots and maybe doing a bit of reading.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Wow. Going back and re-reading old blogs brings back a lot of memories, good and bad.

Life right now is very interesting. I am back in my hometown working for an attorney and going to our local university. I have changed my major twice. I started out in Music and Theatre, then went to English, and have since moved on to Political Science.

I am living at home and it's definitely not all that bad. I get to see Ben most weekends. My week is always full with work and school and the gym. There have been a great deal of changes in my life and they have been good and bad, but they have all happened for a reason.