Tuesday, February 14, 2006


What a wonderful day! I love that there is a whole, entire day that is completely devoted to love. How neat is that?
Life has been good of late. I just finished ROMEO AND JULIET. We had a great run and now I start OLIVIATOWN here in the next week or so. After that it is on to PROOF. I am going to be paid again to be the ASM. That is the big news of the week.
I worked out at the gym last night after I got some of Jens's stuff from Kim. He left a whole bag of stuff here for me to keep for him until he gets back for PROOF. Then I went to the gym and did three miles on one type of bike and then I did the Ab's class and then I did the yoga class and then I did six miles on another kind of bike. I felt really good when I left there. I think that I am going to go back again tonight for the ab's class and to run again.
I have a million and twelve papers to write this week. I should be doing that right now instead of updating this blog for the .2 people who read it.
I had better go! LOVE TO ALL!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

That happy, glowing feeling

I feel very tired in a good way. I have been working my bum off and it seems to be paying off.
I have an audition tomorrow in LaGrange for the Voice department at the College. I think that I am ready for this audition. My little preview thing this week helped a lot. I sang for a few people that are in R&J. It was a nice feeling, to know that they were there because they love me and care about me.
Today I went and ate lunch at the Market with the cast from R&J. I love the act of breaking bread. Sitting at a huge table, with people you love, knowing they love you. There is no other feeling in world like being loved.
It's that happy, glowing feeling...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Ok, so today was a good day. I got a lot accomplished and I was feeling great. Ron Anderson called me and told me that I have the part that I wanted in OLIVIATOWN. I am going to play SMUDGE and that should be a lot of fun. So I was really excited and I called my friend, Jen, to tell him about it and he was excited about it and then he springs some not so great news on me and he tells me that Ron has offered the company class to someone else. ARGGG!!!! Why would he do that? Ron and Jens have been talking about the company call for moths and there is no good reason on God's green earth why Jens should not teach that class. This is not the perfect ending to the perfect day. I mean, Jens could still end up teaching Classical Scene Study, but it won't be the same.

Last night....

I went to annabeck's house and came out smelling like farm animal feet. Yeah...It was one heck of a night!
I went to the gym last night. It was nice to do abs and yoga, but the teacher was new and I am not so sure that I like her. Annisa is better.
I don't have much else to say. I have a lot to do today. I have to go and pick up three recommendation letters and cash a couple of checks and then I have Spanish and a friend of our family is coming over for dinner. Mary Lou has rehearsal tonight, which kinda throws a wrench into the plan. But all in all, it should be a good day. Tomorrow starts the whole show in the morning, show at night thing all over again. I might die before it's all over. I am having a hard time getting up in the morning. I need to go to bed earlier. :-)
Life is good and I am loving and living to the fullest and I am HAPPY!!

Monday, February 06, 2006


Ever felt heavy on the inside and not known why? That is how I feel right now. I can't explain the feeling and it's driving me CrAzY!! I know that I am entitled to my feelings and that it's ok to feel the way that I feel...But....I don't know. I feel bad that I feel heavy, because there is really no reason for it. I feel like I need to cry, but I don't know why and the tears won't come.
I have spent the morning at AC Fitness for Women. I supposedly "won" something and it was really just a discount, but the fact that I am going to teach at the new gym made it pretty pointless for me and so I get three personal trainer appointments. I went with my friend Kim and then we took Caroline and Sarah Ann to piano and then I took Kim to the food court at the mall and she got some lunch and then I took her back to her car and I came home.
I don't really have a lot to do today. I do have to be at the gym at 7pm and I have college stuff that I have to work on, but other than that.....
Life is good. I have spent the past few weeks doing ROMEO AND JULIET and I feel very good about the job that I have done with that show. I am going to miss the people like crazy. They have become another family and it's always hard to leave that behind and to move on to the next show. But at the same time, another show helps to make the transition a bit easier.
The person that I have become the closest to, Jens, is going to be the most difficult to let go of. He heads back to NYC on Sunday and I am going to struggle with that transition. I am so used to having him around and to know that he is about to be thousands of miles away is not going to be easy. At the same time, he will still only be an email or a phone call away.
I don't know, this whole blog is somewhat pointless(kinda like my thing at the gym this morning), but it has made me feel better.