Tuesday, February 14, 2006


What a wonderful day! I love that there is a whole, entire day that is completely devoted to love. How neat is that?
Life has been good of late. I just finished ROMEO AND JULIET. We had a great run and now I start OLIVIATOWN here in the next week or so. After that it is on to PROOF. I am going to be paid again to be the ASM. That is the big news of the week.
I worked out at the gym last night after I got some of Jens's stuff from Kim. He left a whole bag of stuff here for me to keep for him until he gets back for PROOF. Then I went to the gym and did three miles on one type of bike and then I did the Ab's class and then I did the yoga class and then I did six miles on another kind of bike. I felt really good when I left there. I think that I am going to go back again tonight for the ab's class and to run again.
I have a million and twelve papers to write this week. I should be doing that right now instead of updating this blog for the .2 people who read it.
I had better go! LOVE TO ALL!!


annabeck said...

i'm not even a whole person now? all of a sudden i am .2, how sad!

call me. i need to tell you about my valentine's day. it was so CUTE!

I love you!

Re said...

you know you are more than .2 people. I love you!!!

jenni said...

i read it!! hehe. and i'll be commenting more and hopefully actually updating my own too.
i love you!