Monday, August 31, 2009

I know I'm getting old because...

today when a high school girl ordered a large Diet Coke, the first thought that came to my mind was "You are way to young to be drinking Diet Coke." What?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Week I learned...

  1. Pedicures are one of God's greatest gifts to women (and men, if you are that kind of guy and I think that all men should be "that kind of guy")
  2. CSU needs to rethink their parking situation.
  3. Rain is one of God's greatest gifts to those who work at Chick-fil-A and have to work DTP.
  4. Dinners that last from 6:30-11:15 can only have good outcomes.
  5. I have a problem with taking on more than I can handle in the project arena.
  6. I love politics more than I even thought I could.
  7. Good friends are necessary to keep you grounded.
  8. This weekend, Young Life is going to change Santa Rosa Beach forever.
  9. God's mercy is raining down on me.
  10. I am so glad that school is finally here.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Week I Learned...

  1. Constructive criticism is far better than DE-constructive criticism.
  2. Walking the walk is a lot harder than talking the talk.
  3. Addie and Ford Depue have only added to my mounting baby fever.
  4. God's grace and goodness far surpasses my faithfulness, trust, and doubt.
  5. I actually like living at home-minus the drive.
  6. Don't complain unless you are willing to do something to change the situation.
  7. Campaigning is one of the highlights of my day. Every Day.
  8. Young Life is going to rock my world this semester in all the right ways.
  9. My desires exist for a reason.
  10. I hate thinking of something to post on while driving and not being able to write it down and then not being able to remember what it was later. Argh.

Friday, August 14, 2009

An Open Letter to Those Who Pay With Cash

Dear Cash Paying Customers,

Why is it that you feel the need to give me your extra change? Yes, I know that your total came to $5.71. That means that it makes zero sense for you to give me $21.64 to pay for your chicken sandwich. I am just going to give you $15.93. That is just as random and will involve more coins than giving me exact change or even better, and less time consuming, just give me the twenty dollar bill. Or a ten. You hold up the cars behind you when dig around for change in your cigarette tray or your purse or your pocket.

I'm guessing that it makes you feel better to know that you will get back just one dime rather than an odd amount of 17 cents or that you will get back a quarter rather than some other odd number. However, this really only makes me want to give you back the most number of coins I can.

So, please, next time, just give me the twenty. It will save us all a lot of time and honestly, if you do give me the strange change, I'm probably going to give you a lot of pennies.


Monday, August 10, 2009

God Sightings/Moments

The past two days have not been the best. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I have cried and cried and cried. I just feel blah and I feel that outside circumstances have just added to my feelings of blah-ness.

I have been repeating my comfort verses over and over to myself; "The King is enthralled with your beauty, Honor Him for He is your Lord." I still don't feel very pretty. My clothes don't fit, I hate what I have to wear everyday, boys do/say stupid things, people in general do/say stupid things, and my pride is at a ridiculous all time high. I am cranky and basically a Negative Nancy. I cannot agree with anything anyone says. None of this makes for a very happy camper. People are trying to help and I am turning them down. What is wrong with me?

I have had trouble finding joy, and so, I decided that this was the day to find joy. I decided this as I was driving to work at 5:30 AM, crying all the way. So, God and I had a little one on one. And He spoke His promises to me, sweetly and softly. And I cried some more. I am telling you, my hormones must be on fire. I haven't cried in awhile.

It all started when I was cleaning something or another and a fireman walked in and ordered his food. He was polite enough, nothing out of the ordinary. A few minutes later, he had his food and sat down to eat. I glanced over and he was praying. I immediately thanked God for allowing me to see that I am not alone. That I am a part of something bigger and that others share my search for the truest form of joy.

Then, a customer (a regular customer, at that) was a little more rude than usual. A friend of mine, Nick Cash, happened to be standing there and his face showed his feelings on the situation at hand. The lady walked away and Nick commented on her behavior. I told him it was par for the course with her and he still thought it was totally uncalled for-which, for the record, it was. After some time had passed, Nick came back up to the counter and said the following:

Theresa, you are doing a great job. No matter what anyone says or does, you are the apple of your Father's eye. Have a great day!

At this point, I am choking back more tears. I barely manage to get out "Thank you" before he is out the door and gone.

The rest of my day was filled with my sweet sister, a visit from my dad, Sarah Ann, and Mary Lou, sweet texts from friends, and finally being able to work on what my mom calls my "real work."

God is faithful in all things, at all times. His grace was evident today in all of the little moments He allowed me to experience.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

This week I learned...

Two days late, but trying to get back on track.

  1. Sometimes, just being is enough.
  2. I am super excited about the Young Life Beach Trip.
  3. The drive from Upatoi to Columbus is causing me to economize.
  4. Ten in three. I can do it.
  5. I like being claimed.
  6. Home is where the heart is.
  7. I am ready for the school year to start.
  8. Reading is a better way to spend my time than being on Facebook 24/7.
  9. I am so glad Caroline is home.
  10. Sleep is something that I don't do as well without as I thought.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What time I am afraid I will trust in Him.

When I was a little girl, the verse in the blog title was one that I learned in Cubbies, a club organized by AWANA, a church group. I have always repeated that verse to myself when ever I am scared, whether it be because of a storm, quiet houses, dark roads late at night, or arriving home to an empty apartment.

There are other verses that have become crucial to my feeble mind. "Be ye kind one to another. Tender-hearted, forgiving one another." Mom used to use that one when we were arguing or bickering about something. "My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness." A great life verse and one that I repeat to myself on a regular basis. "The King in enthralled with your beauty. Honor Him for He is your Lord." Whenever I start to feel gross and ugly, I say this one over and over again.

While we were at camp, Eve encouraged us to find our "life verse." She noted that it could change for each season in your life and was just whatever spoke to your heart at the time. As I began to think about it, the women in our group began to share theirs. "By His Grace, I am who I am." "I am the vine, and you are the fruit." "My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness." "For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper and not to destroy. Seek me and you will find me."

As God's word was spoken over me, I knew what my newest life verse was meant to be. Psalm 86:11 says "Lord, Give me an undivided heart." As I poured over the scriptures in a rather constant state for four weeks, I found that I kept coming back to this verse and my heart was consistently coming back to contemplate it's meaning.

I will be the first to admit that my heart is divided more often than not. My focus is not always where it needs to be and I fail to just live out the life that God has given me with intention. I fail to be content, joyful. and faithful and instead suffer from a ungrateful heart, a complaining spirit, and a general discontentment with my situation. I long for an undivided heart. One that is focused Jesus and His love for me.

Any thoughts? What is your life verse?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

McKoon for Sentate, District 29

You may have heard me talk about a man by the name of Josh McKoon before. He first appeared in my life last year during campaign season. He was the chair of the Republican Party here in Columbus, Georgia and an attorney in the Columbus area. At the time, I was running my uncle's campaign for city council. Josh sought me out and offered a great deal of advice about the campaign process. He was instrumental in our campaign and I learned a great deal from him.

When Josh told me he was planning to run for State Senate, I was more than thrilled and was ready get the ball rolling. Josh announced his campaign on June 9th and in 21 days raised over $40,000. Pretty impressive, yes?

Josh has been backed by Former Secretary of the Army Bo Callaway, Seth Harp-incumbent Senator for District 29, Harris County Sheriff, Mike Jolley, Sam Rawls of Knight-Rawls, former AFLAC executive George Jeter, and Synovus Chairman Richard Anthony.

Josh feels strongly about education and sees a need to focus on supporting our primary and secondary schools through ensuring local control and stabilizing the budget. Josh promises to work to restore control of our schools to teachers and parents and take it out of the hands of bureaucrats in Atlanta and Washington D.C. He believes that our community needs school superintendents, school boards, principals, teachers and parents running our schools again.

Water conservation is also an issue. Georgia is coming off the heels of the worst drought in the country over the last few years. While 2009 has brought much needed relief, the latest crisis exposed Georgia’s weakness in water infrastructure. Josh believes that we need to be to preparing for the future with a statewide water plan that includes reservoirs to serve all areas of Georgia and protect the interests of the Chattahoochee Valley Region.

Transportation will also be a top priority for Josh. Under the current administration Columbus has not been a priority in the State Transportation Plan. Josh has actively been engaged with State Leaders in changing our role in the current transportation process. The change in most statewide seats gives our region a new opportunity. Currently the 4% motor fuel tax is not dedicated to transportation, it goes to fund pork projects through the General Fund. Josh wants to introduce legislation to dedicate those funds solely to transportation projects. The last major improvements to Georgia’s transportation infrastructure was in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Josh promises that he will be a leading voice in making transportation a priority for Georgia and ensure the Lower Chattahoochee’s role in the decision making process.

All of these issues are important to me and I hope to you as well. And, while I am not a voter that votes on this next issue alone, I was affirmed in my dedication to this campaign after I read the following: After giving my life to Christ, I recognized how important it is that people of faith participate in the public square. I have tried to follow the principles of my faith in all aspects of my life, including my involvement in politics. That is what called me to help author the resolution supporting the Personhood Amendment to the Georgia Constitution, which would protect all unborn children in Georgia, that was passed at the Georgia Republican Party State Convention last May. I will represent all constituents in the same manner, and my service calls on me to to represent peoples from all backgrounds and faiths.

I hope that you will join me in supporting Josh McKoon as he pursues the office of State Senante. You can visit our website: Sign up to volunteer on the website and we will be in contact soon!

Note: All information concerning campaign issues was taken directly from the website.

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Blind Date

Last summer, I was with a friend (who will remain nameless) and her dad (who will also remain nameless) at a party for some other friends (who shall also remain nameless). The friend's dad (hereafter referred to as Tom) asked me if I was dating anyone and I said no and he said he knew someone he wanted to set me up with. I began to drill him, joined by his daughter (hereafter referred to as Lucy) and was really able to get little out of him. I later realized that it was because he knew that it was a bad idea. At the end of our conversation, all I know is the guy's name, where is from, who he works for, and that he has my phone number-courtesy of Tom.

Lucy and I "facebooked" this guy later and he actually "friended" me before I had the chance to so much as type his name. Lucy and I decided to scope out the situation and the next day headed over to Tom's place of work to eat lunch have lunch and just happen to meet this guy-who just so happened to work for Tom.

Long story short, he called me. We decided to go out to dinner. He asks me for some restaurant ideas since he was not from my neck of the woods and I gave him several. He decided on a nice Italian place.

I rather anxiously await the night. I had never been on a blind date, of sorts, and I was somewhat eager to see what would happen. I didn't have to wait long to find out. The night arrives and so does he; wearing khaki shorts, an over sized polo, tennis shoes, and tube socks. As I see him walking up my sidewalk, I wrestle with the ever so important decision to change into more casual clothing to match his attire or to stay appropriately dressed in my chosen outfit. I decided to stay dressed the way I was and opened the door to greet him. After introducing him to Surls and putting the pup away, we headed off to dinner in his car.

The food was fantastic. And I loved every bite. I had ravioli. And I loved it. I really did. The bread was good too. And I enjoyed my diet coke. And I know he enjoyed talking about his mother, real estate, and how much his college Alma mater meant to him.

After dinner, he decided he wanted to see the Springer. Not the inside, just the building. So, we drove downtown and literally looked at the building before driving back to my apartment where we proceeded to sit in his car for the next thirty minutes talking about his mother, real estate, and how much smaller, isolated, and better his college was than LaGrange College. I have to admit that I used the dog as an excuse to get out of the car and end the evening.

I called Lucy and Tom and recalled the evenings events to them, much to their amusement and laughter. Tom admitted to knowing that it probably wouldn't work, but wanted to show this poor fellow a good time in a new town.

I must not have made that great of an impression either. He never called again.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Packing, Moving, Unpacking, and Preparing to Pack and Move Again

I have spent the last ten days packing up my apartment and making many trips to my parent's house with small loads of whatever will fit in my car. It's been an adventure at best. Horrifying at worst. Really hard is the best way to describe it. I have lived in that little apartment for 2 years. I moved in during the summer of 2007 and experienced some of the best and worst moments of my newly independent life there.
  • I had five different roommates.
  • One cat (Remi...A.K.A. Satan)
  • One dog (Surls)
  • Got engaged (not in the apartment, but it happened while I lived there)
  • Got un-engaged (in the parking lot of the apartment complex)
  • Bought my first Christmas tree
  • Had my own closet
  • Had five jobs
  • Made new friends
  • Lost old friends
  • Joined Young Life
  • Changed my major at least three times
  • Had fights
  • Made up after fights
  • Got some old friends back
  • Lost a TV
  • Gained a better TV
  • Lost better TV
  • Was loaned a TV
  • Had awkward conversations
  • Had deep conversations
  • Wrote epic emails
  • Received epic emails
  • Became a couch sleeper
  • Joined a new church
  • Had good dates
  • Had bad dates
  • Went on a blind date
  • Hosted dinner parties
  • Became a fan of the care package
  • Became a fan of "The Real Housewives"
  • Fell in love
  • Fell out of love
  • Cooked good dinners
  • Burned good dinners
  • Watched good movies
  • Watched bad movies
  • Became a better blogger
That apartment has a lot of Theresa in it. It was hard to load up those last few boxes and turn my keys in. A whole, long chapter closed when I locked that door. The new chapter is exciting, but I am going to miss the old one.

I am living at home for a month before Dad finishes renovating the attic above his office into a loft apartment for me, Caroline, and Sarah Ann. It is a super great deal. No rent, live with my sisters, and the ability to walk to school make this new living arrangement fantastic.

All in all, a good, but tiring ten days. Who knew you could acquire so much junk (or in my case, clothes) in just two years?

Here's to new chapters and new apartments.