Tuesday, August 04, 2009

McKoon for Sentate, District 29

You may have heard me talk about a man by the name of Josh McKoon before. He first appeared in my life last year during campaign season. He was the chair of the Republican Party here in Columbus, Georgia and an attorney in the Columbus area. At the time, I was running my uncle's campaign for city council. Josh sought me out and offered a great deal of advice about the campaign process. He was instrumental in our campaign and I learned a great deal from him.

When Josh told me he was planning to run for State Senate, I was more than thrilled and was ready get the ball rolling. Josh announced his campaign on June 9th and in 21 days raised over $40,000. Pretty impressive, yes?

Josh has been backed by Former Secretary of the Army Bo Callaway, Seth Harp-incumbent Senator for District 29, Harris County Sheriff, Mike Jolley, Sam Rawls of Knight-Rawls, former AFLAC executive George Jeter, and Synovus Chairman Richard Anthony.

Josh feels strongly about education and sees a need to focus on supporting our primary and secondary schools through ensuring local control and stabilizing the budget. Josh promises to work to restore control of our schools to teachers and parents and take it out of the hands of bureaucrats in Atlanta and Washington D.C. He believes that our community needs school superintendents, school boards, principals, teachers and parents running our schools again.

Water conservation is also an issue. Georgia is coming off the heels of the worst drought in the country over the last few years. While 2009 has brought much needed relief, the latest crisis exposed Georgia’s weakness in water infrastructure. Josh believes that we need to be to preparing for the future with a statewide water plan that includes reservoirs to serve all areas of Georgia and protect the interests of the Chattahoochee Valley Region.

Transportation will also be a top priority for Josh. Under the current administration Columbus has not been a priority in the State Transportation Plan. Josh has actively been engaged with State Leaders in changing our role in the current transportation process. The change in most statewide seats gives our region a new opportunity. Currently the 4% motor fuel tax is not dedicated to transportation, it goes to fund pork projects through the General Fund. Josh wants to introduce legislation to dedicate those funds solely to transportation projects. The last major improvements to Georgia’s transportation infrastructure was in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Josh promises that he will be a leading voice in making transportation a priority for Georgia and ensure the Lower Chattahoochee’s role in the decision making process.

All of these issues are important to me and I hope to you as well. And, while I am not a voter that votes on this next issue alone, I was affirmed in my dedication to this campaign after I read the following: After giving my life to Christ, I recognized how important it is that people of faith participate in the public square. I have tried to follow the principles of my faith in all aspects of my life, including my involvement in politics. That is what called me to help author the resolution supporting the Personhood Amendment to the Georgia Constitution, which would protect all unborn children in Georgia, that was passed at the Georgia Republican Party State Convention last May. I will represent all constituents in the same manner, and my service calls on me to to represent peoples from all backgrounds and faiths.

I hope that you will join me in supporting Josh McKoon as he pursues the office of State Senante. You can visit our website: http://www.joshmckoon.com/ Sign up to volunteer on the website and we will be in contact soon!

Note: All information concerning campaign issues was taken directly from the website.

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