Sunday, August 02, 2009

Packing, Moving, Unpacking, and Preparing to Pack and Move Again

I have spent the last ten days packing up my apartment and making many trips to my parent's house with small loads of whatever will fit in my car. It's been an adventure at best. Horrifying at worst. Really hard is the best way to describe it. I have lived in that little apartment for 2 years. I moved in during the summer of 2007 and experienced some of the best and worst moments of my newly independent life there.
  • I had five different roommates.
  • One cat (Remi...A.K.A. Satan)
  • One dog (Surls)
  • Got engaged (not in the apartment, but it happened while I lived there)
  • Got un-engaged (in the parking lot of the apartment complex)
  • Bought my first Christmas tree
  • Had my own closet
  • Had five jobs
  • Made new friends
  • Lost old friends
  • Joined Young Life
  • Changed my major at least three times
  • Had fights
  • Made up after fights
  • Got some old friends back
  • Lost a TV
  • Gained a better TV
  • Lost better TV
  • Was loaned a TV
  • Had awkward conversations
  • Had deep conversations
  • Wrote epic emails
  • Received epic emails
  • Became a couch sleeper
  • Joined a new church
  • Had good dates
  • Had bad dates
  • Went on a blind date
  • Hosted dinner parties
  • Became a fan of the care package
  • Became a fan of "The Real Housewives"
  • Fell in love
  • Fell out of love
  • Cooked good dinners
  • Burned good dinners
  • Watched good movies
  • Watched bad movies
  • Became a better blogger
That apartment has a lot of Theresa in it. It was hard to load up those last few boxes and turn my keys in. A whole, long chapter closed when I locked that door. The new chapter is exciting, but I am going to miss the old one.

I am living at home for a month before Dad finishes renovating the attic above his office into a loft apartment for me, Caroline, and Sarah Ann. It is a super great deal. No rent, live with my sisters, and the ability to walk to school make this new living arrangement fantastic.

All in all, a good, but tiring ten days. Who knew you could acquire so much junk (or in my case, clothes) in just two years?

Here's to new chapters and new apartments.

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