Tuesday, August 05, 2008

D.C.- Day 2

My excitement mounted as I got ready to go on Thursday morning. I was set to ride into D.C. with my college friend and from there I would be on my own. The morning was already warm and somewhat sticky. Thunderstorms were expected and my trusty yellow rain jacket was packed and ready to go.

My first stop of the day, after I walked past the White House and officially said hello to the nation's capitol, was the Spy Museum. Although this is one of the few museums in the D.C. area that actually charges an entrance fee, it was worth it. There were examples of bugs and small cameras, video biographies, and neat cars. I was especially impressed with the detail and the fact that the museum started with the bible and God telling Moses to send spies to Cannan and worked it's way up though the years to todays agents and technology. After wondering though the the museum gift shop, I went out on to the street and waited for the Smithsonian's American Art Museum to open for the day. The museum opened at 11:30am and I didn't leave until 4pm. It was a fantastic day. I discovered that I love impressionists and modern, contemporary art the best. I ate lunch in the courtyard and then continued to make my way though the four stories that make up the museum.

After I walked through the museum, making sure to sit every chance I got by sitting on the bench in the middle of the room and spinning around in a circle to see everything in the room, I started the trek back towards the White House. I was stopped on the street by some young members of the DNC wearing Obama tee shirts and I was asked if I would like to help vote Obama into the White House. I laughed and said "No, I would not." I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in a coffee shop waiting to go home. I had forgotten my book and journal and so people watching was the sport of the day. I did grab a piece of paper and jot down some thoughts.

"First day out alone. Good. So busy that that there isn't much time to feel lonely. Melissa called at lunch and provided humor for a bit...How interesting to be alone with your thoughts. I really have no choice. My cell phone is on it's last bar and I've nothing to read."

After my un-named friend got off work, we headed home and went to eat at a place called Hopps. For those of you from Columbus, it's a mix of the Cannon, Olive Garden, and TGIF's. After dinner, night shooting was on the list of things to do. We headed to the Jefferson and would have hit up the Lincoln as well, but it was getting late and the humidity was reaching the unbearable point.

Overall, I would say that day one alone was a success. I didn't have a map the whole day and I was only confused once. I think that's pretty good for a small town girl. Don't you?

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