Tuesday, August 05, 2008

D.C. Day 5

Sunday morning I caught a bus to Pentagon City and then took the Metro to McPherson Square where I met my good friend, Cameron Tommey. We met in front of the White House...kinda. We got mixed up, or rather I got mixed up, as to which side we were supposed to meet up on and ended up meeting on the side of the White House. Regardless, we were more than thrilled to be meeting up in Washington, D.C.. It was pretty cool, I'm not going to lie.

Cameron and I headed to Old Ebbit's grill for breakfast and then met up with my college friend at the White House where we were waved in to watch the arrival of the President and First Lady. We stood on the South Lawn of the WH as Marine One landed. As the helicopter landed and then took off again, the rush of wind almost pushed me over.

As we headed back through the Rose Garden and entered the Palm Room, I had my head down looking at the pictures I had just taken. I glanced up for a minute to make sure that I was not about to bump into anyone and who was standing there before my eyes, but Dana Perrino, the Press Secretary. I was speechless. She smiled and said hello and I think that I managed to get out a very jumbled "Hi." Secret Service was keeping everyone moving and everything happened so fast that there is no picture to prove that the above story actually happened, but Cameron can vouch for me. Seriously.

After we left the White House, Cameron and I headed to lunch and then we went to two museums. The first was the Wrenrick and then headed to the Latin-America Art Museum. I think some of my favorite art was found in the Latin-America Museum.

We happened to stumble upon a little Reggae Festival and were completely enthralled by the whole scene. I bought my first piece art! It is by a new artist by the name Ceric MhGie. I absolutely love it and Cameron bought a piece by the same artist. We have matching art. Hehe.

After a spending a little time at Caribou, we headed back to Pentagon City where my friend picked me up. I finished packing and headed to Ronald Reagen Airport for my 6:55pn flight on Delta. However, as we driving I got a text saying that my flight had been delayed by 15 minutes. No big deal, right? Of course not. However, by the time I got back through security and to my gate, the flight had been delayed again. As passengers started to get more and more ancey, I remained calm. A little boy by the name of Will befriended me and we chatted for a good bit until his dad sent him over to "check" on his brothers. He asked me if I was a preschool teacher remarking that I was good with kids. I laughed and said no, I was born into a preschool. As I began reading, the gate attendant came over the loudspeaker and announced that our flight had been canceled due to mechanical problems. No one was happy at this point. They moved my flight, Flight 827, to another gate and it was downhill from there. From there, flight 827 was moved to flight 829's spot and all those people had to wait another hour and a half. The loudspeaker was broken and so the pilot was trying to command the attention of about 300 people since there were to Atlanta flights and one Boston flight all trying to leave from the same area. It was mass chaos. After several different stories and multiple people giving instructions, we finally boarded the aircraft and left D.C. around 8:40 or so. The flight was smooth and quick. We arrived in Atlanta, our luggage was there, and I was headed to Groome. However, once I got there, the line was long and people were arguing over who was going to get on the van. I wasn't about to get shot over who was going to ride on the van back home. I caught the next van and needless to say, I was more than thrilled to actually be on my home so that I could get to a bed and rest my weary little head.

My mom met me at Groome and I spent the night out at my parents. It was nice to be with family and show off my pictures.

More thoughts to come...

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