Monday, January 26, 2009

Surls: 6.2008-1.26.2009

In the midst of the commenting frenzy on my post a couple of days ago, my friend, Tricia, told me to write my next post about puppies and take it down a notch. She was totally kidding and definitely did not mean for it to happen this way, but here goes.

If you read this blog on a regular basis or know me at all, you have probably heard me talk about Surls, my dog. Surls was abandoned in Flat Rock Park this past summer and I adopted him. God, in His perfect timing and extreme graciousness, dropped this sweet pup in my lap at just the right moment. This past summer was not my shining moment in the story of life. I was pretty lonely and my job was not exactly great. Surls was my little buddy. Always glad to see me. Always ready to love on me. My little shadow. I loved every minute with him. As he got older he also got bigger. He got to be a little much for my tiny apartment and Surls moved to my parents house. My parents live on five acres of land and also have a dog. Plenty of room to roam and a buddy on top of that. Dog heaven right in Upatoi. Every plan since I got Surls has included him. A house with a yard. What happens if and when I move.

I got off of work this afternoon and was on my way to pick up my bosses son, Max, when my mom called. She told me she had to tell me something. Surls had been hit by a car and died this afternoon. I hurried to get Max and then headed out to my parents. Me, Dad, Jess and Ben buried Surls in our little pet cemetery on the tree line.

I am not one of those fanatic pet owners. I don't do silly things for my dog like monogram jackets, bowls, and blankets. Nor do I put them on crazy organic diets, only give them bottled water, and feed them blueberries as snacks. But I did love Surls. A lot. He was my buddy when I was lonely and even when I wasn't. He was a sweet dog and I am going to miss him.


Micah said...

Theresa, I am so sorry. As a fellow dog-lover, my heart hurts for you. Be well.

PeyPey said...

So sorry to hear about this, friend. (And I am sorry that I so relentlessly made fun of sweet Surls' name. I really am. Please forgive me.) I know that Surls cannot be replaced, but I'd love to go puppy hunting with you when you are ready for a new best friend (a new DOG, that is. I'm way too cool to let you let me be your best friend). Dang. That was mean. I swear, I don't know where these thing come from. Wrong. I do know where they come from. It's this little place deep down in my belly called the Esophogial Sarcasm Intestine. I can't do anything about it. Seriously, I've had it checked out; got second, third, and fourth opinions. The doctors say it's really nothing to worry about though; it's benign. Just a little scary knowing that something like that is growing inside of me though, you know? Pray for me. It's a daily struggle.

Tricia Carver said...

Surls obviously did not get the memo that let him know this is not what I meant. Ice cream, flowers...write about those things. Micah and I know about losing a dog. It a big way. I'm so sorry sweetie. We will be thinking of you.

kfhtinydancer said...

Aw...I'm sorry. That's a drag I know all too well.