Monday, January 26, 2009

And now for something completely different...

After a crazy week, I decided to head up to Athens, Georgia to see my good friends, Brad and Sally Baker, and help them move into their new home. Brad accepted a job as Youth Minister at St. James UMC. I, along with Brad and Sally, am truly amazed at the outpouring of love from this church family. They have provided more than any of us could have ever imagined. It's good to know my adopted brother and sister are going to be taken care of in such a luscious (that was for you, Molly) manner.

Colt and I drove up Saturday afternoon and arrived in Athens around five or so. We were immediately put to work. After working hard for a few hours, the group ventured downtown for dinner. We ate at a great little sandwich place called "Which Wich." Super yummy and it provided great fellowship time for our little group.

After dinner, we headed back home where the boys put together an island for the kitchen and the girls worked on looking for places to hang pictures. No one lasted very long before bed started to sound really good. We were not lacking for room or places to sleep. This house is pretty big. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and so much closet space. Hardwood floors all through the house. A living room and a dining room. A pretty big kitchen. It has a big back yard and front yard. Brad loves yard work, especially raking apparently, so there is no need for anyone to volunteer to do it for him. He is really excited.

Sunday morning included Dunkin' Donuts (also known as Dunkin' D's by Sally), coffee, and some quiet time in which Alex talked about baseball the whole time. All of this was intermixed with showers by all six of us which resulted in icy cold showers for Sally and Theresa. No worries, though. It's good preparation for Sharptop Cove in two weeks. Showers tend to be a little chilly there too. Brad and Alex went and checked out the hot water heater AFTER I shrieked a little from the shock of the cold. Thanks, guys.

St. James is two lots over from Brad and Sally's, so we walked to church (much like the Amish or Hisidic(sp?) Jews), which was pretty nice. My sweet friend, Kathryn Garvin, met us for worship and it was great to see her and introduce her to some of my other sweet friends. After lunch we headed to a Hibachi Express type place that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. However, Colt says it is one of the reasons he moved to Athens, but I didn't think it was that awesome. Good, but not awesome. Just sayin'...

The rest of our trip included a trip to a pretty amazing T.J. Maxx, a small tour of UGA campus, and Colt showing Kathryn and I were he used to live. We headed back to the house, picked up Molly and Alex, and the four of us headed back to Columbus. The trip back took for-ev-er. Traffic was bad right before we hit Newnan. Of course, this happened right after Colt asked me if we should stop for a bathroom break and I realized that I really needed to go. However, let me just say that as much as I hate being stuck in traffic, I will admit that you see some pretty interesting stuff. We saw a rock-climbing wall on a trailor behind a truck, a parrot, and a guy who got out of the truck and sat in the back to smoke a ciggerate while we were stopped.

I have to say, I thought I did a pretty good job playing "phat tunes" on the home. Once Colt told me I had to play some upbeat stuff to keep him awake, I thought did a pretty good job of playing deejay.

Thanks to Brad and Sally for continuing to make life interesting for the rest of us. I vote that this getting married/moving thing happen more often.

Fun quotes from the weekend:

  • "Dwan! I didn't know you come here..."
  • "I will cut you."
  • "I'm a tree hugger; email me."
  • "I keep breebin', I keep, keep breebin your brub..."
  • "Wait...what?"
  • "Please! We'll fix it! Just don't quit!"
  • "Want to stop and get a bench? Ya know, not a bench, but a bench."
  • "Carol's fruit stand is in a much better location."
  • "Cheese dip and Mexican rice!"
  • "Lucious."
  • "Phat tunes."
  • "Whatev, dude."
The majority of these were provided by Molly and Alex Baker.

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