Thursday, January 22, 2009


Where to start?

Maybe I should start with an apology. My comment in response to the anonymous comment in regards to this post was probably uncalled for. I was assuming that I knew (or had a pretty good idea) of who was posting. Regardless, my comment about the "ignorance of the American people" was out of line. So, I am sorry.

Next, I want to address a comment that my friend, Kim, left. Since she left it in a public comment, I am going to share parts of it here. (Hope that's ok, Kimmy.)
Of course I obviously agree with everything you wrote in this blog... I saw the link to this on Facebook and read the many comments that followed, and I see why people get frustrated on both sides of the fence. If you haven't doubted the system, then why do you write that we weren't living to our full potential? It takes educate oneself so that a thorough opinion can be formed, and I personally understand having conflicting opinions. But if you aren't careful, it can also lead to people thinking that you say some things to one group of people, and other things to another group of people, which could ultimately lead to no one believing what you say.

Let me start with the system. The system obviously works. The system, in and of itself, is a good one. No one really contests it and if they do then there is a whole lot of debate and discussion over the changing of the Constitution (A.k.a. the system). Even after the debates, it takes a lot to change it. So, the system works. Every four years we campaign and elect new (or keep the current) leaders. Congress and the Senate change out on a regular basis. Each time that these changes occur, it is the American people that make the decision about the change. I can write on this blog without the government shutting me down. I can practice the religion that I choose. I can have a gun and vote. All of this exists because of the system. It works. I do not doubt the system.

When I "we", I mean We the people of the United States of America. I mean, human beings. Our constitution says that we believe that all men were created equal. Yet, segregation was a way of life here, in the U.S.. And until now, a black president was out of the question. When I said that we were not living up to our full potential, I mean that as a people we were not living up to our creed. Our motto. Our full potential as the greatest nation in the world. If we really are that, then everyone really gets a chance to be whatever they want to be. If we really are the greatest nation in the world, that means that the American dream is available to men and women, boys and girls, no matter your race, religion, or political views. Our founding fathers came here to be free to live the way they thought was best for them. Heard the term "Melting Pot" in regards to America? Yeah. That is referring to the fact that we are peoples from all over the place. We are all here for the same reason in the end. Freedom. The fact that it is better here. The people have a voice and the freedom to live how they like, within reason and by the law. That is what I mean by "not living up to our full potential." And people all over the world fail at that everyday. Not just Americans. Not just specific types of Americans. All of us.

I hope that clears up those comments for everyone. I know there were folks other than Kim that were curious. I openly admit that I am still figuring things out. I will always strive to admit when I am wrong and stand by what I know to be right.

My objective in my post on 1.20.09 was to comment on the history of the day. While I do not agree with President Obama on everything, because he is our President I will give the respect due to him as Commander in Chief.

It has also been brought to my attention that I seem to walk the line or play both sides of the fence when it comes to politics, both here on my blog and in person. I am going to clear this up once and for all, I hope. I am a conservative. More so than I thought before. While I admit that I am a conservative, I refuse to fall in the extremist trap. I will not nit-pick and criticize every word or action coming from someone that I don't see eye to eye with. I refuse to be ugly to people with whom I do not agree. I refuse to be that person who is unwilling to love others because we don't agree on religion, politics, or anything else. I refuse to cast judgment on others based on anything. That is not my place. That is not what I (or anyone else for that matter) was called to do. I was called to love others as Christ loved us. I refuse to be unwilling to work with others, debate or discuss with others, or hate because we do not agree on politics or anything else. That being said, just because I did not vote for "your guy" or the other side does not mean that I can't have a positive outlook on the future. It does not mean that I can't be just as excited about the future as those whose guy "won." This isn't about sides. It's not about black or white, republican or democrat. This is about the United States of America. This is about democracy. In the end, we all win because no matter who is in office, the people placed him there. And above all of that, God placed him/her in office.

I am still in a figuring out stage in my life and I hope that I never lose that sense of curiosity. I fully admit that I do not have all the answers. I will always admit when I am wrong, when I change my mind, and I will stand by my decisions on issues as best I can. I welcome discussion, questions, and debate.


Tricia Carver said...

I am so very proud of you and what you represent:love. Thank you for being an example of what Christ looks like. You love people regardless. What a refreshing change.

Micah said...

Well said, Theresa. I appreciate your heart, and don't really care whether or not we agree on issues that we both see as secondary to what actually matters: a real and personal relationship with Christ.

Ideally we would be born with a perfect knowledge of all the issues. But, as frustrating as it is sometimes, the process of sanctification is just that...a process. I hope we never stop growing, learning, and developing as people, believers, and citizens. I'm thankful to get to make that journey with friends like you.

Jarrod said...

"In the end, we all win because no matter who is in office, the people placed him there". In the end the people that voted for him "may" win. We don't all win. I hope he does what is right and what God wants him to do just like I said in my other comment but I don't see that happening. I realize that God is in control and this is who he wanted to be in this position. I will pray for Obama and his staff but I don't have to like him. I know you don't agree with some of the stuff he says. I sure as heck don't agree with most of the stuff he says and most of the stuff he wants to accomplish. The bottom line is, is if you're(meaning anybody)are a christian, you have no good reason to vote for somebody that is for abortion. I feel very strong on this issue. EVERY aspect of it is wrong no matter what and I'm not going to cater to anybody just to get along(especially when it comes to an innocent baby),period. I'm sick of those type of people. Believe what you believe and stick with it through thick and thin. Just like being a christian, you don't turn your back on it because someone makes fun of you or disowns you. Keep fighting the good fight and love people anyway. That is really tuff for me to do sometimes(as for I'm sure a lot of other people). This guy seems like a good guy, but I don't see it. I read people pretty good even if I don't know them. By what he says and things that he has done that nobody has researched on I don't believe the man to have good character and thats another reason I didn't vote for him. I'm not mad with anybody because everybody has their on views on certain things but when it comes to right and wrong, people know(especially christians) what is right and what is wrong.I'm still trying to figure out if this guy is a christian like he says he is or if he is muslim, cause you can't be both. That kind of stuff is important. I'm not saying agree with everything I say. I'm just saying look at every point of view and make you're own assumption. By reading what you wrote I'm simply stating my opinion on how things should be. You know I learned a lot of what I know from Grandaddy. The man was an open book all the time. I may have not been really close with him when I was younger but I got to know him and what he believed my sophmore year and on into right before he died. He knew what he was talking about and he knew what was right. I listened and took that because of who he was and what I thought of him. He had experience with anything you can imagine and that is whats important to me.

carmen said...

Hi Theresa, I appreciate your time and ability to express yourself so well in writing. Your blogs are very interesting and enjoyable. As far as my lengthy involvement in a previous post, I hope you don't mind it all linked to your blog. Apparently many of your friends agree to disagree. Some political opinions are just that - opinions - some are just wrong. :) I do appreciate your heart, you, and your family. Have a good evening!

Richard said...

It's time for a different voice to comment on this blog. I've read so much about what other people are sick of seeing and now its my turn to profess. I'm so sick of one topic voters. There is so much more of a bigger picture than just being against abortion or being for the War in Iraq. If you (the general you meaning everyone, not you Theresa) honestly believe that you will find a candidate that will agree with every moral, value and idea you have, you are sorely mistakenly and know nothing about politics. People talk about politics like its a disease. Maybe it is. But the truth is everyone plays the politics game. I voted for Barack Obama. I am a Christian. I believe that he is a christian too. I'm so sick of people questioning him as a person rather than his policies. Do you find it so hard to question his policies because they might actually work so you therefore attack his character?
And let's talk about being Pro-Life. Yes, that is the label most anti-abortionists give themselves when in most circumstances, it doesn't apply. Pro-Life means all life doesn't it? Then why aren't Pro-Life activists fighting for the abolition of the death penalty. Why should we be willing to accept the execution of someone we find guilty of a crime under our man made laws and be appalled the murder of an unborn child? In my opinion, they are both deplorable. I am not for the death penalty and I am definitely not for abortion in any circumstance. In a more perfect world I would love for abortion to not exist. But it does. In this day and age that unborn baby's right to live is tied immediately to the mother's rights. Until we can somehow separate the two sets of rights, we may never find a solution that benefits everyone.
In conclusion, I am so tired of people condemning others who identify themselves as Christians for not agreeing with everything they say. There are so many different types of Christians there is hardly any uniting factor anymore. I was baptized and raised Catholic. After 20 years in the Catholic Church, I felt like I needed more. So instead of turning forward to the Protestants I looked back. Not at the Jews, but to the Orthodox Christians. If you don't know much about Orthodox Christianity, you can look it up at Orthodox Christianity is the oldest living practice of Christianity; just like the apostles. So when you talk about how Christians should feel a particular way about a particular subject, please don't begin to think you speak for us all. I am a Christian, but I definitely don't agree with you.
Theresa, I love your blog and I love writing the comments people make.

carmen said...

Richard, I appreciate your comment. I can also appreciate to agree to desagree. Jews have a set of beliefs that are adopted by them unapologetically, as do Muslims, Mormons, Scientolgists and on and on. I guess I am just so tired of Christians feeling they are being "wise" or "Christ-like" in compromising values. Apparently, we disagree on what exactly are set values. That's fine, but I'm not wavering. I am tired of Christians being apologetic about their beliefs. On the other hand, I don't believe Bible bashing and condemnation is the behaviors Christ wants in us. I believe we can live and do things according to Scripture -in love. I also believe that our rights to stand up and voice our religious beliefs should be given just as much consideration and respect as other religions. Sadly, it is not. There seems to be a movement of either denying what's right and blurring right and wrong or living in such a way no one around a Christians really is convinced that they have any true conviction at all? Being PC is not my top priority. I do want to respect others and their beliefs and expect others to do the same for mine. Who knows the end? but hopefully, sticking to these convictions can make me a vessel God can use. That's my only concern.

Mike Yarbrough said...

Richard...sorry you voted for Obama on the mistaken belief that he is a man of Christian can anyone who disregards the unborn life claim they have christian values? You claim that you are sick of "one issue voters" because no politician will ever agree with all moral values that Christians hold, yes that is true...that is why I vote republican...even though they don't always do what I think they should at least I know that with republicans, the unborn have a fighting compare abortion with capital punishment is insulting to say the unborn child is innocent of any crime as defined by the criminal statutes, yet a murderer is guilty...God says in His word that when man takes a life, his life is to be taken, while at the same time God's word says that God hates hands that shed innocent blood...I had an opportunity to be in an eastern european country and in a village where the orthodox priest told his villagers not to go hear the american preacher...that night in a standing room only crowd 12 people came to faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation in spite of the best intentions of the priest...I also found the various orthodox priest that I ran across to be warm and engaging...One last comment, the Bible tells us that the last days will be marked by people calling bad good and good bad...I would say that we are there and these postings on Theresa's blog are evidence...