Monday, January 26, 2009

Parking Garage Justice

It was a cool, brisk, Athens night. Life was good. The mood was light. Laughter was in the air. Family and friends were together after a time apart from one another. Spirits were high. Parking was not easy to find, but the parking Queen found her way into a spot marked "small vehicles." Perfect. (**SIDE NOTE: The spot next to the Parking Queen's was also for small vehicles.)

On to dinner down the block. About an hour and a half later, back out at the car and the group realizes that we can not get into the car. The car parked next to ours is a jeep and far too large to be considered a small vehicle. There is no way that we can get in. The next thing we know, Sally (A.K.A. Parking Queen) has a pad of paper out. The note reads as follows:

You are parked in a spot marked "Small Vehicles." If I ever see you parked like this again, I will have you towed. I have taken down your license plate number.

Someone who parks responsibly.

This is not verbatim, but close enough. Sally was not a happy camper. We were all laughing, but she was not. Brad was impressed and kept saying "That's my lady." Yeah...

So beware. The Parking Queen will have justice.


SalBake said...

thanks very much. your blog will help irresponsible parkers know that there's someone out there who seeks fair parking for all.

Tricia Carver said...

That is awesome Sally. Love it!