Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Reader

Yes. I go to the movies a lot. I tend to hit them when they go to the Dollar Theater in order to save myself a buck...or nine.

I realize that movies go through cycles, much like fashion and music. However, what the heck is up with all of these Nazi/Germany movies? I will say that I appreciate the fact that none of these movies have been the same. The stories have varied and have been told from different view points. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Valkyrie, The Reader, Defiance. All of these have to do with WW2. Each has a discovery about the horrors of war and the holocaust (although, I have not seen Defiance, so I cannot really speak for it's plot line).

"Boy" deals with WW2 from a German child's perspective and a Jewish child's perspective. You are allowed to see both sides, adult and child, Jewish and German. Valkyrie shows the war from a German perspective, yet it is from a German who saw through Hitler's ugliness. The Reader shows the aftermath of the war from the perspective of a German to whom being an S.S. officer was merely a job. It shows the importance of education and literacy and how a lack of these can influence and hinder. It gives a vivid depiction of pride and how dangerous it can be. This film also embraces the issue of love and how when love is marred, betrayed, and forsaken, a person can be forever scarred.

Overall, I was intrigued by this movie. I do not understand why Kate Winslet was nominated for Best Supporting Actress when she is the only female actress with any significant role. She was fantastic. This film is definitely not for everyone. I wouldn't take the kiddos. I do think that the ending provides questions that are good for all of us to ponder and recommend it to anyone who likes a good "thinking" film.


kfhtinydancer said...

I thought this movie was really interesting too. I liked it a lot...and I appreciate that Kate Winslet doesn't have fake breasts.

Jana Michelle said...

When did The Reader come out? Is it new or did you see at the dolllar theater? I haven't even heard of it...

I think the whole WWII theme cycle is a good thing, though. I personally have been interested in the topic since the 7th grade when I had Jewish teacher who introduced it to us. And I recently watched some documentaries on the Holocaust, and one of them (called Paper Clips) brought up an interesting point - The survivors are very old now and will soon be gone. Once they are, all we will have is their leftover memories. There are a lot of people out there that deny it ever happened, and if the stores aren't retold, they could be forgotten...which could be very detrimental to our future.

Theresa Garcia said...

Oh, believe me, I love these movies. I am really intrigued and totally interested in WW2 and that time period. I guess I just think that it is odd that in an economy like ours, in a time like the one that we are in, that movies with very little about them in the way of an uplifting message are coming out. See what I mean?

rg said...

Hey Theresa!

I was wondering. What is Valkyrie about? I kinda wanted to see it, but kinda didn't. Is it similar to the Holocaust?

Also, do all these movies seem to have a "holocaust: look what happened, it's really terrible" sort of theme?

I sort of see a connection between the Holocaust, and the abortion issue of today.

Let me know on the first two questions. Email, facebook, or even commenting here, I think.