Monday, September 22, 2008

Early Morning

I haven't been up this early in awhile. It's 6: 39am and I am sitting on my couch. I've already had a shower, people. Last night, I was so tired that I spent the night at my parents house and just got up and came home this morning. The silly student in me waited until the night before to work on an abstract for my World Lit. class that is due this morning. Oops. The point is that I finished it. Who cares when, right?

After church yesterday, I had a six hour "Pooh" rehearsal and then headed out to the 'rents to visit, get a free meal, and see my sweet Surls. The visit was great, the food was yummy, and Surls was acting like a dog on crack because my parents dog, Cricket, is a bad example. I worked on the abstract for a long time and was getting close to the end when Caroline walked into the room and started talking. I was REALLY good at focusing on her and the paper at the same time. But when Richard called because he needed someone to help keep him awake, there was no way I could focus on all three. I chose Caroline and Richard over the paper. Needless to say, I was up for awhile. I slept on the couch, which was fine. Sleeping on the couch at Mom and Dad's and sleeping on the couch at my apartment are two different things. With one you wake up and you hurt all over because your sofa won the World's Worst Sofa award back in 1978 and the with the other you feel like you are sleeping amongst the clouds because you have slept on the 1978 WWS winner and can easily tell the difference.

My OCD self went back over this post and if this is what I write like at 6 something in the morning, I don't think I should do it very often...

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