Saturday, September 06, 2008

Brilliant Weblog Award

I was checking my email this afternoon and saw that I had received an email from one of my favorite people, Amy Johnson. She was writing to tell me that she had been awarded the Brilliant Weblog Award. Part of this award is that you have to give the award to eight other people. Well, she couldn't think of eight other blogs that she liked and, frankly, neither can I. But she gave one to me. So, now I have to share the love. Not as easy as you think. But here goes.

The Adventures of a Georgia Girl
. I have to give kuddos back to Amy. I love reading about her life and her dream girl. Amy and her husband have four children, the youngest having just arrived...from China. Read all about the adoption highs and lows from Amy's witty and hilarious point of view.

Katy Streams Her Consciousness. This is one of my daily checks. Everything you have ever wondered about, thought about, or has never crossed your mind comes up on this blog. I love everything about it.

Capture Photography. Another favorite. Jessica and Grant Flynn are exceptional photographers and I love their work. Great site!

The Lauren Bell
. This friend doesn't update often enough for me. Her witty rants and lovely view on life are both humorous and enlightening. A must read!

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