Friday, November 21, 2008


**For the next few days I am going to share some things I am most thankful for. Here is Thankfulness: Part One.

Caroline Elizabeth, Sarah Ann, Mary Louise, Jesse Thomas, Joseph William, Katherine Suzanne, and Benjamin Clark Garcia are the best gifts that my parents could have given to me. These kiddos are lovely, brilliant, witty, talented, compassionate, and gracious human beings who have blessed my life beyond compare. I adore them and although I am not the world's greatest big sister, I hope they know how much I love their company, friendship, and the fact that we share the same D.N.A..

Caroline is so very talented and has a heart that I wish I could imitate. She is one tough cookie. Sarah Ann is a one of a kind. She is BRILLIANT, hilarious, and independent. Her strength is something that I admire and covet. Mary Lou is tenderhearted, stubborn, and outspoken. She loves with everything she has and without holding back. Jess is the big (little) brother that I have alway wanted. He is protective of his sisters and I love that about him. Joe is so sweet and compassionate. I can alway count on him for a hug and an "I love you, T!". Katie is the true independent in our family. She is just as content to play alone as with others. She is sassy and sweet all mixed together. If you look up the definition of "Youngest Child", Ben Garcia's face is all you need. Ben is a sneaky little booger, but he has the sweetest heart. He is a hard worker, extremely loyal, and puts his little heart into everything he does.

I am so very grateful for these seven people.

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