Thursday, November 06, 2008


I am carefully calculating the following words and the impact that they will inevitably have. Since this is my blog, I can rant about whatever I want to rant about and you get to choose whether to read it or not. Everyone will find something that they do not agree with in the following post. How awesome am I that I am making sure that no one feels left out in being mad at Theresa?

I have kept quiet on a number of political issue during the past year and a half. However, some comments and conversations have changed my mind on the subject of keeping my mouth shut. My mom told me the other day that Bi-Partisanship is taking the easy way out. That sissies remain bi-partisan and that I was not a sissy. She's right, I'm not. During a conversation last night, Kim remarked that another friend of ours was a Republican, but you respected her for it because she was open about what she believed and you couldn't argue with her. So, with all of this in mind, I am going to be partisan. I am going to tell you who I voted for. I am going to tell you why I voted for these people. And I am going to unashamedly stand by my words. I don't want any flack about it. I don't want to be berated for it. I don't judge your beliefs. I may not agree with you, but who am I to judge you based on what you believe?

Are you ready for this? I am not sure that you are, but here goes.

On the local level, I voted mostly democratic. Julia Slater, John Darr, Stephen Hyles, Alonza Whitaker, etc. I voted for these men and women for a variety of reasons. I know some of them personally and I heard all of them speak at political forums. They gave strong, levelheaded, detailed plans for what they planned to do while in office. I was impressed with them and voted accordingly. State level, I did not vote for Saxby Chambliss because of the bailout vote. I voted for the Independent. I voted for Seth Harp for Georgia State Senate. He has been effective in past terms and I have confidence in him for the coming term. I know that none of you really care about any of the previous candidates that I named. You all want to know who I voted for in the Presidential Election and I am getting there. I want to say a few things first and I want you to read it before you scroll down to see who I voted for.

I am against abortion. I believe that it is wrong. The bible is explicit on murder and when a baby becomes a person. Although I have never been raped and impregnated by that rapist, because of these beliefs that I have, added to the mother in me, I cannot imagine killing the baby inside me. Adoption, yes, although personally, I would find that difficult as well. Please don't take this to mean that I think that the adoption part is wrong. No!! I am saying that personally, I have a hard time putting my mind around it.

I am against big government. The constitution is extremely detailed as to the job of the government and it's role in our lives. Read it and you will see. I don't think that the government should tell tell doctors how to practice medicine, tell small business owners how to run their business, or tell parents how to raise or educate their children.

I am for tax breaks and lowering taxes. I know that taxes are necessary and I am not against paying them. Obama's tax plan won't be great for my family. However, it won't be terrible. It will take away the break that G.W. gave us and put us more in the Clinton-era. Not all bad. The economy flourished during Clinton's time in office.

There are other issues that I have opinions on and if you ask me, I will share with you what they are. If I don't have an opinion, I will be honest and tell you. I don't have all the answers and I haven't made up my mind on everything out there. Even some of the important issues. However, the issues that I do understand and know about, I will talk about and share my thoughts on.

And now the moments you have all been waiting for. Who did Theresa vote for? Drum roll, please!!!!

I voted for John McCain. No one is really surprised, I know. I voted for McCain mostly because of his position on domestic issues. I will also admit that part of voting for McCain was because that was what was expected of me. Not very gutsy of me, huh? I regret not being more assertive with my voice and opinion. I regret being scared of what my friends and family would think of me if I voiced my true feelings.

I don't consider myself a Republican or a Democrat. I consider myself a moderate with conservative leanings and I am ok with that. I am confident in my beliefs. I will defend my beliefs and if I don't have an opinion or just don't know, I will be honest and tell you.

Happy? You know who I voted for. You know why. If you have questions, I will answer them.


Micah said...

I'm still not mad at you...

Joanna (Poole) Schornhorst said...

Theresa, I think we are political soulmates. Seriously, sweetie, you have no idea how many agree with you completely. I, too, claim a "moderate consersative" status, but I have been much more vocal than you. :-) That's ok. With the field you are associated, there are many people who disagree with your politics and it takes the most courageous people to respect and appreciate everyone's views. As Christians, it is our obligation and responsibility to let the word of God guide our polictical beliefs, not vice versa. Don't let people tell you, "You can't mix religion and politics." There is a huge difference between people who promote or condemn religion for political gain and those who can't help but use it because it seeps from their very souls. Like you, I sit kind of in the middle and lean to the right. I do this because I am a realist. I don't believe in extreme liberalism or extreme conservatism. I think both are dangerous. I think life happens in the "grey" and is often (except where the Bible is conerned) not black and white.

Stay strong and proud of who you are, Theresa. You shouldn't feel compelled to answer any questions. Why should people interrogate you over this? Nearly half the country agrees with you even if it's hard to see b/c a large number of your friends support Obama? Just because you don't support Obama does not make you ignorant, racist, or uneducated---it makes you someone who disagrees with his politics. I could give you a long list of reasons as to why Obama won this election, and why I think he shouldn't have--but I'm sure already know I would say. :-) I'm sorry that you have felt you could not speak up--especially with those around you speaking so loudly and so fervently. Your opinion matters too. Your beliefs are just as valued. Keep your head up. We know who is in control. "Do not put your faith in these princes, these mortal men, who cannot save." Take care you. -Jo

Tricia Carver said...

Rock on sister. I love how you accept people's opinions and understand that the acceptance does not water down your stance or beliefs. I love your thirst for exploration for what YOU believe. Whether you come around full circle or journey down a different path, you know you have support from me! Yours is a refreshing perspective. Being your liberal friend is an honor.