Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"You are not the person I thought you were." That kind of comment will take you aback, I don't care who you are. It takes you by even more surprise when you feel that you have been as open as a person can be.

I received this comment after a conversation about politics. I feel as if I have explained myself as best I can in that regard with my post on 11.06.08. I don't feel like I can explain myself anymore at this time. Honestly, I feel like Micah put it the best. The mere thought of a political conversation exhausts me. Politics in general I could handle, but defending where I stand and why makes me feel the need for a nap. But I digress. My point wasn't necessarily politics. My point is humans and what makes us who we are.

Inasmuch as the comment above was about politics when it was made to me, I am pretty sure that the same person would feel that way about me on a number of different issues and levels. My views on education, faith, religion, Christians, economics, Global Warming, homosexuality, morals, and ethics would most certainly startle some folks. Mostly because, in their own minds, it makes me not who they thought I was. I want to challenge that mindset.

As I continue to experience the new and different situations that life throws my way, my viewpoint changes and grows. My ideas are challenged and swayed. I believe that learning what you believe is a journey. Being open minded and willing to admit when you are wrong, when you have changed your mind, or chosen another path is called growing up. Please note that I said my ideas. Not my foundation. Just because I make a decision that differs from my family or close friends does not mean that my foundation has been cracked, moved, or changed in any way. I am still Theresa Garcia, daughter of the King. My foundation remains the same because I am His. My decisions are made based on my knowledge of His grace and mercy in my life. I have the ability to make decisions with a glorious mind because He made the glorious mind that has the ability to make decisions.

That being said, I am exactly who I have always been. Strong-willed, stubborn, independent me lives on. I am just learning to be more open-minded, loving, considerate, and gracious. Mixed in with all of that, I am growing some thicker skin and becoming the person has been inside me all along and is dying to come out.

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