Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mr. Don

I am sitting at my parents house, my tummy full after dad's excellent meal of hamburgers and homemade french fries, and enjoying the company of my siblings, parents, and a dear family friend, Don Dunstch.

As I sit here typing away, surrounded by the sounds of Texas Tech playing Oklahoma, Ben's play by play of the game, and general buzz of the Garcia house hold, I am once again reminded of how blessed I am. It was this time last year that Mr. Don was here visiting from Colorado. Only two weeks before, I had rededicated my life to the Lord and, in God's perfect timing, Mr. Don had come down for his annual hunting trip. A little background, Mr. Don is one of Dad's dearest friends. They were stationed at Ft. Benning together. Mr. Don is a huge spiritual encouragement in my dad's life and has become the same for me. He and his wife, Susan, have a ministry in Denver, Colorado called Quest Ministries. They have a community of folks who meet with them in their home every week. Don is a physical therapist. God has given his an incredible personality that draws people to him and he is constantly in the position to share the gospel with those around him. Mr. Don came to know the Lord through Young Life. What an awesome encouragement to me, as a Young Life leader. He lives in Denver, which is about 110 miles from Buena Vista, Colorado where Frontier Ranch is located.

I am grateful that God has placed people like Mr. Don in my life. I am grateful for Mr. Don's insight and wisdom, his ministry that not only ministers to those in Colorado, but to people like me who gain encouragement and insight for their own ministries.

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