Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This week I learned...

  1. Good lunches can revive great friendships.
  2. My best friend has a heart of gravel, smells like freshly mowed grass, and doesn't mind when I walk...er...run all over him.
  3. There is a website that will let me watch every episode of The West Wing for FREE!
  4. There are only eighteen days left before I leave for a beautiful month in the mountains. Woot.
  5. A little sunshine secures my heritage as a Mexican and wipes out all thoughts making me an Asian.
  6. A little pasta goes a long way on a college budget.
  7. Maybe sleeping on the couch so much isn't such a great idea.
  8. Having the Goose around is one of the best parts of summer.
  9. "Normal" collegiate life is right around the corner.
  10. My small group is one of the biggest blessings in my life. (Not a new realization...just a shout out.)

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