Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Leaving

My mother will be only to happy to know that I am a little nervous about leaving for a month. For the past week, I have more than a few moments of anxiety and fear when thinking about my upcoming trip to North Carolina. I start to get all panicky and I get a knot in my chest.

I am not the kind of girl who gets home sick. Rather, I have a HUGE fear of the unknown. I am positive that the coming month will be awesome and I will have a blast. But, for all of my friendliness and outgoing personalty traits, I get shy and nervous when meeting new people in an unfamiliar place. When I am on my turf, it is one thing. But this whole new territory thing wigs me out a little bit.

It's certainly not for lack of planning that I am nervous. I have a million lists and am currently sitting amongst piles of clothes that I have packed and unpacked and the repacked. And then unpacked. (Repeat) There is the "Definitely going with me" pile. The "might-go-with-me" pile. And the "I-thought-about-taking-this-with-me-but-thought-better-of-it" pile. And I still have clothes in the washer. I am going to to forget something for sure and certain.

In all of this, I know God has called me to Windy Gap for the next month. I know how this application process works and I know that God's hand is in it from the get-go. My trust is in Him because His grace is sufficient. Please pray for me as I pack (I hate that part), attempt to remember all the little extras, and drive the six hour drive to North Carolina. But most of all, please pray for my heart as I seek to grow closer to the One who called me to this adventure.

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