Thursday, June 19, 2008

Alone time

Last night after work , I went went to gym, per usual, and went home and showered. I went to Starbucks, grabbed some coffee and was going to head home, but changed my mind. I decided to take myself on a date. Sounds kinda crazy, I know, but I needed some down time and some time where I just pampered myself. Now, those of you who know me well might be shocked that I went somewhere, by myself, by choice. I know, it's craziness. And I do have this thing about being alone. I much prefer the company of friends and family to being by myself, but I decided to go to Barnes and Noble "just to look around." Yeah right. I got in there and caught the book bug. I am not even going to talk about the ungodly amount of money that I spent, but I had such a nice time browsing and perusing the aisles. It was nice to not have to talk to anyone or worry about whether or not someone else was having a good time or not, or whether they were ready to leave.

After I spent way too much money on books that I just had to have (I mean, life or death here, people. Seriously.), I was, once again, going to head home, but decided to take myself to a movie. I have never in my life gone to a movie alone. I like to talk to the person next to me during the movie. Annoying, I know, but so much fun. And I was worried about not having someone there. But, it wasn't half bad. I actually enjoyed it. What is the world coming to?

Alone time is good for me every once in awhile. Really. I laughed. I cried. It was better than "Cats."

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