Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm Legal!!!

So...Today is my 18th birthday. My first decision as an 18 year old citizen of the good 'ole US of A, was to eat breakfast...How liberating...

Prom was last night and that was fun. Zach was a great date and doing the group thing with lots of friends was the best idea ever. We danced all night. Dinner was amazing and all in all, the night was a success.

Today has been a good day. I got a million and 12 phone calls. My mom and Dad gave me a gift to open today(more to come at my party), and Annabeck gave me her gift. I have to say, Beck gifts are the best. Random and funny, with lots of thought put into it.

Zach, Carson, and Kelsey painted the rock for me...At 3am. Very funny and sweet!

Voice recital tomorrow night. Kinda exciting and yet, bittersweet. It's my last highschool voice recital and my last with Kimberly Cone. I know I'm going to cry...

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