Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This week I learned...

  1. Passwords are never protected, no matter how secure you think they are.
  2. Chapstick is a good thing to have in your pocket.
  3. I hate Melissa's voicemail.
  4. I am ready for warmer weather.
  5. I need an oil change.
  6. Cleaning my apartment should be a more regular thing on my part.
  7. Time Management needs to be more of a priority.
  8. I am more refreshed after time in His word.
  9. Sarah Ann is a fabulous math tutor.
  10. A picture says a thousand words.


Jana Michelle said...

I have never in my life said that I wanted warmer weather...until this year. I'm so over the cold!
And I need a oil change, too. Bad.

kfhtinydancer said...

I thought you wanted snow?! :) It snowed like a mo-fo today in NY. I felt like a 3 year old at Christmas.

Theresa Garcia said...

I did want snow, but then the possibility went away and it just stayed cold and then got colder and I said "enough!"

Theresa Garcia said...

It was snowing in D.C. too. I am a little jealous...

Melissa said...

OMG!!! Do you know how much I laughed when I read your list??? hahaha .. I love you T !!