Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Queen of Facebook speaks out.

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. It's been going on since early 2006. I got on because the guy I was dating was on and I wanted to be able to...be on there too...lame. I know. And it just gets crazier. I am known as the "Queen of Facebook." Seriously. Want to know why?

I have:
  1. 1, 342 friends
  2. 865 pictures of me (that have been tagged)
  3. 70 photo albums
  4. 130 Profile Picture. This means that is how many times I have changed my profile picture since 2006. AND I know that I have deleted one or two.
So, yes, the Queen of Facebook is speaking to you right now. Feel honored.

Over the past (almost) four years, Facebook has kept me entertained, enabled my nosy-ness, helped me waste time, spawned many a political debate, and arguments with my mother. In short, I love Facebook while hating it with a fiery passion of hell. However, I keep my account and am logged in most of the day. Why? I have no idea. It's addicting. Plus, at this point, what's the use in deleting it? The geniuses behind this site have changed their privacy policies and are keeping everything you have ever posted and claim to own it all now, so again...what's the point in deleting my account? I don't see one.

So, without further comment, here are 25 more reasons why I love/hate Facebook.

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Amanda G. said...

Umm T -
I love this video! Especially the part where he rearranges his top friends. I giggled!