Tuesday, January 31, 2006

life....love...and life....

So, I have been thinking a lot about love and life and how the two should go together more and just don't. I mean, people live and yet, all too often, they don't love. My sister and I were having a conversation about the word love and how often we use the phrase "I love you" and the truth is, that I say it more than she does. She is afraid of being burnt if she says it and the person she says it to doesn't say it back. I have said "I love you" to someone and they did not return the expression. However, it didn't really bother me, because I knew, all three times, that that the person in question really did love me and was just holding back. Why? I don't know. Two of those times, it was returned and all was good. The third was never returned. All the same, it has made no difference to me, because I expressed my feelings and that was what I needed to do.
Imagine that your life ended tomorrow. What would you do? Right now. What would you start to do right now? I would be terrified that the people I love the most would not know how much they mean to me. It makes sense to me to say "I love you" as much as possible. You never know what will happen to you or to someone else and I want those around me to know how much I care.
Love is such an important thing. Not only to express with words, but with actions. There are so many actions that express love. Making your bed without being told to, giving your friend a wake-up call, picking up a piece of trash on the street, cooking dinner for your family. All these things say "I love you and I care enough to show you".
It's the simplicity of it all that amazes me. How easy is it to say "I love you"? Very. It doesn't take much.
Human beings crave love. It's just a fact. I crave love and affection. I need to hear it and see it all the time. And I do. I see it and feel it and hear it all the time. But that could also be because I look for it. It is not always the easiest thing to see, but if you look at everything through eyes that are looking for love, you will see it.
I love simplicity. It's the little things that make me smile and sigh and think " I love life". God has given me so much and to think how ungrateful I am at times. It makes me sick and then I remember that I am human and I ask God's forgiveness and He grants me that forgiveness and I realize how blessed I am. I love because He first loved me. The only reason that I love like I do, is because of Him. How awesome is that? I know that I have a HUGE capacity for love. That is one of my spiritual gifts. God choose me to have that gift and to bring glory to Him through that. Why me? I am a wretched finite creature that is nothing with out Him, but He chose me anyway. What an awesome God I serve!

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annabeck said...

T . . . you are so amazing. i trully do love you. i mean it every time i say it. i agree totally with "you can not say it too many times." after katy's car accident i learned that. i wouldnt leave someone's sight without telling them how much i love them. i think it is an awesome quality, or spiritual gift, to be blessed with. it makes me sad for people like your sister. i want to shake and her and tell her everything she is missing out on. there is so much out there too love and not even all of my love can cover that. God is so awesome in what he has blesses us with. Love . . . it seems like such a simple word, but there is so much to it than that!