Sunday, January 22, 2006

Update on the life of theresa

Oh my goodness! I don't know where to start. It has been so long since I have written anything and there has been so much going on.
Let's see. There was a certain situation in my life that was struggling with and I have let go and moved on and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel more at peace and much calmer than I have in awhile. I know that God has been in control this whole time and that He continues to be and life is SO good.
I am in the middle of a production of ROMEO AND JULIET. That is going pretty well. We open this thursday. We are ready.. I thank. I wasn't at rehearsal today because to day is Sunday. I think that I have made up my mind on this whole Sunday thing... I think. I have been saying that for months and then I always change my mind. I know that it is very important to my parents that none of do any "work" on the Sabbath and I understand that we need to keep the Sabbath holy. I agree with that wholeheartedly, but I also think that by resting God means for us to rest our minds and bodies and you can be at home sitting on your rear after church and not be resting in Him, which is what it is all about. I think that I can be at the Springer or on the computer or mowing the lawn, and still be resting in God. Maybe that's just me and some crazy theology idea that I have in my head, but that is where I think that I stand....Again with the whole thinking thing.
Next on the list: College. I found out yesterday that I was accepted at Lagrange College with a guaranteed $4500 scholarship(hopefully with more to come). My mom informed me the other day that she and dad wanted to remodel the attic above my dad's dental office into a "loft apartment". That way I could go to CSU and die in Columbus of sheer boredom and a broken heart(the broken heart would be from all the depression from all the "what if's?" that I will carry to my grave). Yeah.. I'm not really diggin' that idea. Wonder why?
Let me see...what else? Hmmm. I am going to be teaching yoga at the new gym in town. I should start soon. We'll see. I am pretty excited about this. I would paid and be teaching a few times a week. I would get a free membership to the gym and that will be GREAT!! It will save my mom the money she wants to spend for me join her at CURVES. I like CURVES, but there are classes at this gym and there are more machines for me to work with. I think that this will be better.
Also, this is kinda weird. My friend, Rachel, and I were talking and she was telling me about all theses people that we know that are our age and the are getting married. How weird is that? This should not be happening for a few years, right? I mean, I always thought that I would be in alot of weddings around my 3rd year of college. I have so much more money to save for all the shoes and dresses and gifts. :-) Kinda crazy, I know. I just don't know how I feel about all that. I mean, I know that I was, at one point, convinced that I was going to go to college and get married pretty soon, but I am very much thinking differently now. I know that we all go through stages like that or most of us do, but these people are ENGAGED with rings and everything. I like being the way that I am with lots of friends and not having to worry about anyone but me. It's nice. I do think that it is sweet that mt best friend, annabeck, has a boyfriend now. I haven't meet him, but he sounds like a nice guy. I swear though, if he hurts her, I will come after him. I will. Do not mess with the mexican. Really not a good idea.
I think that is all for now. this is a really long blog and I am getting tired of typing. My sister, Caroline, and I are house sitting this week and so I am at that house. It's kinda fun. My mom is driving me crazy. We are about 20 minutes from home and when we got here she wanted me to call her while we were going into the house and talk to her until I locked the door. CRAZY!!!! This is why I CANNOT STAY AT CSU!!!!

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annabeck said...

yay for house sitting. thanks for the update on your life. i needed one. i love you so much. let me know about tonight!