Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Most Best-est Mother in the World Award goes to...

My Mom. Why my mother above all the other mothers in the world? Well, that is simple. She's MY mom. But you probably want other, more (in your mind) logical answers and reasons. I have them, no worries.

Reason #1- She knows what my favorite magazine is and pulls it aside in the mail to give to me.
Reason #2- She is constantly available for lunch.
Reason #3- She doesn't mind late night chats.
Reason #4- She is in on the phone right now with Caroline's doctor fixing something for Caroline.
Reason #5- She rarely does anything that is just because she wants to. The motivation usually has something to do with something dealing with my or my siblings.
Reason #6- She bought me a dress for this wedding that I was in this weekend and told me to just pick it out and she would go pick it up for me.
Reason #7- She manages my dad's office, homeschools 4 kids, and runs our house. She is basically superwoman.
Reason #8- If she cooks a dinner that one of us loves and won't be able to be at, she always puts aside a plate for us to eat later.
Reason #9- She is the most snuggly mom I know.
Reason #10- She knows I am just like her and helps me work on the things she thinks aren't her best qualities.

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I love this post!