Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happiness is...

I love being a mom. Oops...maybe I should rephrase that. I love playing a mom. My friends, Brooks and Jennifer are off at the Georgia Tech/Clemson game (Goooooo Jackets!!!!) and I am staying with their five little girls; Josie, Gigi, Emma, Stella, and Maggie.

Today consisted of a birthday party, soccer practice, bath time, story time, a song or two, bedtime, and tomorrow will consist of breakfast, speech practice, hair clothes, a spelling test review, and getting to school on time. I am so excited.

I love these girls so much and I love playing mom with them. Their sweet hugs and kisses fill me with a love that is overwhelming. "My cup is overflowing."


*cami* said...

i wish you lived in could play mom all the time :). harper would love it. hope you are well girl!!

Theresa Garcia said...

I would love that too! Miss you guys! Hope all is well with you too! Give Harper a kiss for me!