Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"That Good Kind of Aching"

Yeah. I don't know what that means either. OK...maybe I do know what that is. And you do too. I've had that "good" kind of aching before. Its been awhile though. It happens when you are completely and incandescently happy. Like when you go away from home for the first time. Or when you experience your first kiss. Or like that time he held you in his arms and whispered your full name and followed it with "I love you." And there was that one time that you went on that trip and got some pretty awesome shots of that mountain...maybe that one's just me. Maybe they are all just me. Those are the times when I, Theresa Naomi Garcia, got that "good" kind of aching.

Lately, however, I have been aching in a not so good way. It's been an aching that just plain hurts. Like that time you stubbed your toe on the doorway going into the living room. And that time you poked yourself in the eye. Or that time you cut yourself shaving. And then there was that time when that boy did that thing and was a jerk and you cried. Not such a good kind of aching. Actually, that one is pretty bad. It hurts the worst. More than the toe, the eye, and the razor cut combined. As in, I would rather have all three of those happen at the same time than ever have the latter happen. Ever.

Grandma Jo was right...again. Boys are more trouble than they are worth. Who knew?

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