Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So today....

I went and had target practice with a couple of my siblings. I am trying to lose some weight. That is not going so well. My mom lost three pounds and I am not losing anything. We'll see what happens.
I have church tonight and I am going to go see my Grandmother at the nursing home later. Yesterday, I went shopping and got a jacket with a gift card that I had. Nice jacket. I LOVE IT!!!
I found out yesterday that I was accepted at my number one choice college, COVENANT COLLEGE!!! I am so excited. Now that I know that I am in, I have to try and get the money to go. If I don't get to go, I know that God has a plan. I could end up at CSU and live with annabeck. That would not be bad at all. However, I would love to be up on that mountain. It would be the most awesome thing ever.
Once I know what college I am going to, I should probably decide what to major in. I know that I don't have to decide right away, but it would be nice to just know. I hate not knowing. I thought theatre and now I am thinking political science or maybe even pre-law. That would be scary, seeing as how that could actually lead to law school. Do I want to do that? Do I want to spend the rest of my life at school? I don't know. I need to call my lawyer friend, Mr. Scott Barber. He'll have some great advice. He always does.
That's all for now, more later.

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annabeck said...

we could both end up at CSU and that wouldnt be bad at all. God does have a plan for us. i know He does. i love you!