Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scrap Art Music

I have been meaning to write about this for a couple of days now, but things keep getting in the way. Like the election and voting and stuff. Anyway, my friend, Andy, works at the theater across the street from me and we were chatting Tuesday afternoon when he told me that he was loading in Scarp Arts Music. I knew I had friends going, but hadn't given any thought towards going myself. When Andy offered me his two comp tickets, I grabbed them. Who turns down free theatre?

I didn't look up the show until after I took the tickets, not that I wouldn't have taken the tickets anyway, but ya know...

Here's the description from the RiverCenter's website:

Self-described as “Music, Metal, Muscle and a Mini-skirt”, Scrap Arts Music is an engaging and inventive contemporary percussion ensemble that creates an outstanding music experience by combining instruments cleverly fashioned from industrial scraps with high energy choreography. Both visually and acoustically compelling, they create music that ranges from booming percussion to spellbinding soundscapes in a performance that is certain to grip audiences of all ages.

Fashioned from industrial scrap and offbeat materials ranging from accordion parts to artillery shells, Scrap Arts Music's one-of-a-kind instruments are as visually striking as their music is sonically riveting. Audiences from four continents have welcomed this electrifying quintet with unbridled enthusiasm, embracing their intoxicating mix of music, movement and spectacle. Transcending language, culture and age, Scrap Arts Music offers a highly physical, wildly theatrical and thoroughly entertaining taste of the musical vanguard.

Basically, it was Dave Holland and Stomp all mixed together. For those of you who don't know who Dave is, he is/was a local musician here in Columbus. He has moved to Atlanta since that is where most of his gigs are. Dave uses anything and everything to create a very unique orchestra of sorts. He can play anything and everything. His beats are jivin'. Yes, I did just say "his beats are jivin'." And yes, I just said it twice. But it's true. Ask anyone who knows him. And if you ever get the chance to meet Dave, you have got to see him dance. It's life changing, really. But, I digress. The point was to tell you about Scarp Arts Music.

There were four guys and one girl. I have to say, I was super impressed with the girl. She was just as good, if not better, than the guys. I guess the fact that I really only know guy drummers makes me a little bit awed by her.

All in all, a good experience. Having seen Stomp, this was kinda like a repeat or, as Anthony put it, the Green version of Stomp.

Thanks, Andy!

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