Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Weekend.

interesting weekend. i have a lot going on in my life with my two families. ben's family and mine are both going through a lot right now. however, it was nice to have the weekend to reconnect and be with one another.

ben and i went to a wedding reception for my friend macie murphy robison and her new husband, dan. she was a beautiful bride and couldn't have looked happier.

ben's mom had a little party at her house, which meant great food on saturday. friday was just long and i am not even going to go there, but dinner was good that night at deorios.
today was long, but good. we went to church this morning in lagrange and then came home and had lunch. ben left this afternoon to go back to atlanta. the more we do this goodbye thing, the harder it gets. i cannot wait for the day when we are together all the time. it is just becoming more and more stressful on the both of us.

after ben left, i snuggle up in my bed and watched 'invasion of the body snatchers." good quality movie right there. then my mom came and asked me if i wanted to go and hear my uncle preach at his new church, so i got up and we drove into town only to find that there is no evening church during the summer there and so mom said that we should just drive around and pick a random church to go to and so we did and ended up at rosehill church of christ. then we went to mcallisters for dinner. it was nice to just sit and talk abut nothing. since i am never home, i hardly get to just chat with mom and so i think that we both enjoyed just being together.

this week, melissa (the girl that i work with) and i are going to re-do the office while ken (my boss) is away. so there is lots of painting in my future...

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