Friday, February 01, 2008


So, the past few months have been an adventure for me. I have experienced a lot of change and I have grown so much. I have a fantastic relationship with my parents and siblings, I have the most amazing friends that a girl could ask for, my job is wonderful, school isn't half bad, and I have developed the most intimate relationship I have ever had in Christ.

I have learned a lot of truly valuable lessons lately. I learned that although patience is not a virtue that I am particularly good at, I have gained a lot of it. Girlfriends are a must. Seriously, I don't think that girls realize how important this is. I have learned that family and friends are worth more than any material goods.

I have learned how valuable ME time is. I have always hated the quiet (can you blame me? With ten people around you all the time, quiet is out of place and uncomfortable), but lately I have learned to embrace the moments of stillness. When the world seems to slow down for a minute and you can feel the soft stillness wash over you and a certain peace fills the air, those are the moments when I want to stop and whisper "It is well with my soul." Those moments are few and far between for me in my busy, busy life, but I have learned to create those moments because I find myself craving them out of pure desire and appreciation.

I have learned to be spontaneous. I am a planner to a fault and it irritates everyone around me, including me. I have learned to go with the flow and enjoy the ride. I was missing out on so much before now, all because I had to stick to a plan. I do so much more now because of my willingness to let go and just ride.

I have learned to accept others where they are. I feel like I have always been pretty open to others and their ideas. I really do have a high tolerance level, but at the same time, I set high standards and expectations for myself and that has carried over to being the bar for everyone that I meet. I have learned to put my best foot forward and know in my heart that I have done my personal best, while at the same time, realizing we all have different "personal bests" and accepting everyone at their own level.

I have learned how to slow down. This is a big one for me. By slowing down, I am not talking about the amount of things that I do, but rather slowing down when it comes to life in general. I was trying to rush though life to get to a place where I thought I would be happier. However, I learned that there isn't a point where I am necessarily going to be happier than I am right now. Why not embrace today, learn the lessons that there are there to learn right now, and look towards the future as something that is going to be great, but I can patiently wait for?

The most beautiful and overwhelming lesson that I have learned is to rely fully and completely on and in my Heavenly Father. My life is less stressful, more peaceful, and much richer because of the peace that I have found in Him. I have found my worth and beauty in Him. I have found a peace that passes all understanding. I have found a love like no other and a sense of joy that comes only from Christ.

These are just a few of my many lessons. I feel like I am brimming over right now and I needed to share.

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