Thursday, March 23, 2006

College, Money, Theatre, and Graduation!!!

So...I have decided to go to LaGrange College in the fall and I am very excited about that. They have given me a good deal of money, but I still need a lot more. Their Theatre Department is amazing and I am planning on double majoring in Theatre and Music. I think that I may have lost my mind, but I am ready for the challenge. I am going into it with an open mind, knowing that I can drop music sophomore year, if I need too.

I am in OLIVIATOWN at the Springer. It's going well. I love my part. Very different for me and I am glad to be branching out.

All in all, things are great. I am enjoying my senior year. I am ready for graduation, but savoring the time I have left at the same time.


annabeck said...

yay. college is going to be amazing. and rachel and i agree that you were fantastic in oliviatown. we love you so much!

Re said...

aww..once again..I love you guys too! call me soon!!!

jenni said...

wow, college... we're sure growing up Theresa! hehehe. love you!