Tuesday, March 24, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You.

Seen this film? I have. Twice. Why you ask? Was it really that good? No, it wasn't that good. However, it was interesting. The entire movie feeds you this "Girls-have-been-lied-to-since-the-beginning-of-time-there-are-rarely-exceptions-only-rules" and then it ends with a happy ending for the "good" people and the "bad" people getting what they deserve.

So what's the point? I mean, nice attempt to show real life and not a load of crap, Hollywood, but once again you failed. Yes, it's true that women are fed the lie that goes something like "Boys-are-mean-to-you-because-they-like-you." And the movie did a good job of showing that that is simply not true. However, the end of the movie shows ridiculous pursuit that rarely happens and, of course, the guy gets the girl that he was mean to and the crazy girl gets the perfect guy and the guy that doesn't believe in marriage decides to get married because he has a change of heart and then Jennifer Aniston gets what she wants (and who doesn't want ole' Jenny to get what she wants after everything she has been through?). But in what world does any of that happen? We all know that Jennifer Aniston got jipped and that will probably never be fixed. The good news is, the guy that lied got kicked out and the home-wrecker girl was, seemingly, punished as well. Whoo-Hoo. Go Hollywood. That alone was the film's redemption. Every woman in the theater felt better after that. Not.

Again, interesting film, but fairly depressing for most women because, once more, there was that promise of a fairy tale that few realize in their own reality.

**Author's note**I realize that the above review may sound bitter, however, there is no personal bitterness felt. I merely call 'em like I see 'em. ~tg

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